Site Inductions

Who needs a site induction?

Essentially anyone working or using equipment at an Adelaide Brighton Cement site must be inducted.

This includes drivers of bulk pneumatic tankers who operate our equipment.

There are two aspects of the driver induction:

  • A desktop module which involves viewing an Adelaide Brighton site DVD and answering an associated questionnaire.
  • A practical module which requires the inductee to demonstrate to an accredited assessor their capability to use the loading equipment and weighbridge system.

Each site has different products, hazards and equipment, so an individual will be required to complete an induction for EVERY site where loading will be conducted.

When the site induction has been successfully completed, the driver will be issued with a photo I.D / induction card.

This induction will remain valid for regular drivers who are competent in use of equipment. However drivers may be required to undertake re-training at the discretion of Adelaide Brighton Cement.

To arrange a site induction, contact the Sales and Marketing team who will liaise with the appropriate sites to arrange a suitable time. All inductions are performed during normal working hours.

Flat-top drivers, who collect bagged product, will not be required to undertake formal induction, however they must adhere to Adelaide Brighton Cement safety regulations and abide by all directions of Adelaide Brighton Cement personnel.


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