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Required Tools and Materials

Setting Up

per 20 kg bag
Dry material
required per m2
4 mm 1 2.7 m2 7.2 kg
6 mm 1 1.7 m2 10.8 kg
8 mm 1 or 2 1.3 m2 14.4 kg

Mixing the Render

  1. Do not mix more render than you can use within one hour.
  2. Pour three litres of water into a clean container such as a 20 litre bucket, for each 20 kg bag of DryPak Render Coat used.
  3. Using a suitable mixing device, agitate the water while steadily adding the DryPak Render Coat powder.
  4. Once all DryPak Render Coat has been added, mix thoroughly until an even consistency and colour is obtained.
  5. Do not add too much water in the following step as this will cause shrinkage, cracking and low strengths. No more than four litres of water should be used for each 20 kg bag of DryPak Render Coat.
  6. If necessary, add a small quantity of clean water (maximum of one litre) while mixing to achieve the desired consistency.

Mixing the render

  1. Spillage or partially set material should not be re-tempered with water, and must be discarded.
  2. Clean your tools and equipment as soon as possible to prevent further applications from being contaminated with old material.

Applying the Render

  1. Apply a heaped amount of DryPak Render Coat to the steel float.
  2. Right-handers should begin from the left of the work area, left-handers should begin from the right.
  3. Starting at the bottom of the work area, move the float upwards along the wall in an arc, scraping the material onto the surface at the desired thickness (wooden battens nailed to the edges of the work area are good for gauging the thickness of the coat).

Mixing the render

  1. Continue applying the DryPak Render Coat to your wall using this technique until the area is covered to the required thickness.
  2. Remove wooden battens if used, and apply DryPak Render Coatto the edges.
  3. Once the surface is completely covered, rub the float over the wall in a wide circular motion to ensure an even coverage. If you notice that the float is 'pulling' at the surface of the render, it may not be ready to be floated. Wait for 10 minutes and try again.

Mixing the render

  1. If you are applying a second coat, wait at least 24 hours between coats.

Finishing the Render

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