Bricklaying made easy with



Required Tools and Materials

Setting Up

Choose a bond pattern

Use string lines

Mixing the mortar

Laying the bricks

  1. Remove the first row of bricks you have placed to establish your lines.
  2. Place a line of DryPak BrickiesTM Grey Mortar along the base of your wall about 25 mm thick, one brick wide and two to three bricks long.
  3. Create a groove in the mortar with the point of the trowel using a stippling motion. Try not to scrape the trowel through the mortar.

Laying the bricks

  1. Place the first brick into the mortar. Ensuring that it is level with the string line, tap it into place with the handle of your trowel.
  2. Apply mortar to one end of the next brick, and place it into the mortar so that the end with the mortar is pushed into the previous brick leaving a 10mm gap.
  3. Tap this brick into place with the handle of your trowel, ensuring that the bricks are level using your spirit level and string line.
  4. Scrape off any excess DryPak BrickiesTM Grey Mortar that has been squeezed out of the joints with the trowel.
  5. Repeat these steps until your project is completed, ensuring all joints are the same with and the wall is level.
  6. When starting a new row, move the string line up to where the top of the bricks will sit. Ensure that the top of the bricks match up with this string line and the bottom of the bricks match up with the top of the lower level and your wall will remain straight.

Cutting the bricks

Finishing the joints

Finishing the joints

  • There are several common styles of mortar joints, as seen below.
  • Before the mortar dries run your jointer along the joints, filling all holes.
  • Once completed, brush diagonally across the wall to remove excess mortar.
  • Run the jointer along the joints again to give them a smooth finish.

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