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Adbri Cement products have been helping build a better South Australia since 1882. Manufactured locally, our pre-blended packaged products are available in a range of 20kg & 30kg packaging options to suit market requirements. Our manufacturing facilities and distribution centres are strategically located across South Australia, which provides our retail customers with flexible, convenient and reliable supply options.

Whether you’re a tradesperson or a DIY weekend warrior, our high quality, easy to use products will help you complete your next project with confidence. Head to our stockists page to find your local retailer, proudly stocking our South Australian manufactured range of packaged products.

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Our range of packaged products

Premium Cement 20kg

Type GB blended cement ideal for use in structural concrete, mortar, grouts, and cement based products.

General Purpose Cement 20kg

Type GP cement ideal for use in concrete, mortars, grouts, renders, and cement based products.

Brightonlite® Cement 20kg

Type HE cement, which is a superior off-white cement that produces light coloured concrete, mortars, grouts and renders.

Sulfate Resisting Cement

Type SR Cement for use in concretes and mortars where there is the possibility of attack by sulfates.

Rip Rap 20kg

A blended cement in pre-filled, permeable, reinforced paper bags.

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime can be used in conjunction with cement for mortar and plaster mixes.

General Purpose Concrete 20kg & 30kg

A high quality, well proportioned mix of blended cement, 10 mm crushed stone and sand.

High Strength Concrete 20kg

A high quality, well proportioned mix of blended cement, 10 mm crushed stone and sand, suitable for higher strength applications.

Speed Set 20kg & 30kg

A carefully selected mix of blended cement, 10 mm crushed stone and sand designed to set rapidly without any mixing.

Basic Mortar 20kg

A carefully proportioned 1:4 blend of cement and sand.

Brickies Grey Mortar 20kg

A carefully proportioned blend of cement, hydrated lime, and sand.

Quick Set Mortar 20kg & 8kg

A carefully proportioned mix of sand, blended cement, and specially selected additives to provide a fast setting, early strength developing mortar.

Render Coat 20kg

Ideal for rendering or patching most common substrates including masonry blocks, clay bricks, rendered walls and stonework.

Dried Sand 20kg

Ideal for paving, mortar mixes & sand pits.

Pave Set 20kg & 30kg

A blend of carefully selected sand and gelling agents suitable for filling narrow gaps between pavers, blocks and bricks.