Post Setting

Materials & Equipment – Essential

• Adbri Cement Speed Set (20 kg or 30 kg bag)• Post hole digger or long handled spade• Wooden props/broken bricks
• Spirit level• Graduated bucket/measuring jug (5 litre)• Potable water
• Post• Tape measure• Metal rod

Materials & Equipment – Optional

• Plastic liner


When working with Speed Set wear protective clothing, strong boots, gloves, and eye protection.  

Manual handling of bag products without due care and attention may result in personal injury. Unless you have been trained in manual handling methods it is suggested that you share the load with another person. 

For more safety information refer to the Speed Set safety data sheet. 

Site Preparation

  • Use a posthole digger/long handled spade to dig a hole for your post. 
  • The depth of the hole should be 25% the length of the post. For example, a post height of 1.8 m above ground will require a 2.4 m post with 0.6 m placed in the hole. 
  • Most standard post holes are 200-250 mm in diameter. 
  • Spray the hole with water, lightly dampening the soil. Wait 30 minutes and repeat to check if the soil is still absorbing water.  
    • If the soil continues to readily absorb water (as can be the case with free draining sandy soils), consider lining the hole with plastic to minimise loss of added water prior to the addition of Speed Set.  
    • For non-porous soils, ensure the hole does not contain excess water as this will reduce the performance of Speed Set 
  • Once the hole is suitably saturated/lined, place the post centrally in it.  
  • Ensure the post is vertically straight and aligned as required. 
  • Support the post with wooden props or wedge it in place using broken bricks dropped into the hole. 

How much Speed Set do I need?

  • As post holes are seldom uniform in shape, it can be difficult to accurately calculate the exact quantity of product needed, check out our estimator tool to help calculate.
  • Alternatively, calculate the volume of the hole minus the volume of the buried post to establish litres and subsequently kilograms of product required 
Bag sizeWater required (litre)Yield of wet Speed Set (litre)
20 kg2.29
30 kg3.314

Water Addition 

  • Following the guidance in the above table, carefully measure the exact amount of potable water required for the quantity of Speed Set using a graduated bucket/jug. 
  • Too much or little water will have a direct impact on Speed Set performance and may cause the post to become unsteady. 

Placing Speed Set 

  • Position Speed Set next to the hole and open the corner of the bag. 
  • Pour the measured water into the hole.
  • Without delay, empty the required quantity of Speed Set into the hole ensuring an even distribution around the post. 
  • Using a rod, tamp around the post to ensure full contact with the product. 
  • There is no need to mix Speed Set. The water in the hole will permeate into the product and set within 15-20 minutes. 
  • Re-confirm post alignment, adjust accordingly (if necessary), and leave undisturbed for 45 minutes. 


  1. ALWAYS add Speed Set to water, NEVER add water to Speed Set.
  2. The top of the concrete may appear dry, however water will be absorbed through the material. If after 24 hours the top is still dry, sprinkle the surface with 500 ml of water.
  3. DO NOT apply load to the post for at least 24 hours. Any lateral force during this initial curing period may disturb the base and cause the post to become unsteady.